Taman Negara Local Ground Operator

Whether you’re hiking a forest trail or whale watching, the local insight you’ll get from a guide will enrich your experience, as well as taking some of the trip planning off a plate.

is a local ground operator and tour specialist operating from the gateway town of Jerantut, to Taman Negara National Park. We help facilitate visits to the park by offering all-inclusive tour packages, individual excursions and activities, accommodation, as well as bus and boat transfers to and from Taman Negara to popular destinations in Malaysia.


Our History

NKS is a family run business named after the father Ng Kim Seng. It all began in Jerantut Rest House, which the family ran from 1989. Jerantut is surrounded by rainforest, palm oil, rubber and cacao plantations, and the enthusiastic family wanted to share their knowledge and interest of this environment with their guests. They started operating tours to Taman Negara by bus and boat with stops en route at the various plantations and evening seminars on Taman Negara. These tours were the first ever organised tours from Jerantut to Taman Negara.

In 1992 Hotel Sri Emas and Sri Emas Karaoke were established, in order to cater for the ever increasing demand of travellers passing through. In 1993 the business became a fully registered and official tour company, NKS HOTEL & TRAVEL SDN BHD. In 1994 NKS was recognised by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism Malaysia, and was granted a license to operate tour services to Taman Negara. The birth place of NKS, Jerantut Rest House, was rented from the local government, the lease expired in August 1997 when NKS opened a new hotel and called it Jerantut Guest House (later renamed NKS Hostel & Café).

The company expanded in 2000 with an office in Hotel Mandarin Pacific in Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur, and further into Taman Negara itself in 2001, with a new office in Kuala Tahan and a boat service desk in Kuala Tembeling jetty.

NKS is still very much a family organisation, with Uncle Tan Cheng Peow running the KL office, Sister Angie Ng and brother in law Stanley Fong Choon How manning the Kuala Tahan office. Sister Irene Ng runs NKS Café in Jerantut. Brothers Melvin and Michael Ng are the Directors of the company and base themselves in the Jerantut head office along with other family members of all ages helping with new ideas and skills.